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Responsible development


Socially responsible


People have always been the most important to us, which is why we are constantly supporting activities of institutions and centers that provide specialist help for disabled children and youth.

We take care of students from the 26 School Complex in Toruń and the 19 Primary School in Toruń. During practical classes on the premises of our plant, young people acquire skills that make them ready for independent and active adult life in social conditions.

We are also not indifferent to weaker creatures by systematically supporting the action "Karma comes back" for the Toruń Animal Shelter.

Support for sport

Our cooperation with regional athletes has been long.

We support well-known sports teams as well as young, talented players from various disciplines.

We are currently working with:

- TMKS Champions - swimming academy directed by Sławomir Prędki whose players are successful at competitions in Poland and abroad




- Twarde Pierniki basketball team





- Anioły Toruń volleyball team




- AZS UMK basketball team




and other amateur sports clubs that share our passion for sport.




To promote physical activity and a healthy lifestyle, we established the Nomet Active Association.


The main assumptions of Nomet Active are:

- initiating, supporting, and organizing sports activities, promoting physical culture and sports, developing sports interests among adults, children, and adolescents

- undertaking activities for the protection of health, improvement of access and quality of health care, cooperation with societies, institutions and organizations working for the protection and promotion of health, reducing inequalities in access to health care.


Responsible employer:


We do not forget about the most important people for us, i.e., our employees.


With the help of our training system, we are constantly developing and increasing competences and skills of our employees at every level of our organization.


We take actions to improve healthcare quality through efficient access to doctors and specialists within medical packages.


We encourage people to actively spend their free time and have a healthy lifestyle by co-financing Multisport sports cards for employees and their families.






Responsible for the environment:


Taking care of the environment around us is our priority.

For many years we have been working to protect it and minimize the impact of production on the environment.

Our production system is based on the latest technological solutions that are safe for the environment. We only use certified components in our production processes. We have our own chemical laboratory where we verify the materials used to manufacture the final product.

We are aware that saving electricity and heat is of great importance, both for the environment and for future generations, therefore we have adopted and implemented an energy efficiency policy and we use energy from renewable sources.

Two photovoltaic farms, the use of the latest energy-efficient machines and devices together with the Building Management System energy management system reduce energy consumption and our carbon footprint.





Other of our primary environmental goals include:

- limited water use,

- increased use of recycled materials and packaging,

- Reduced amount of waste generated and, where possible, recovered and recycled.

We treat the impact on the environment as a priority in every sphere of the company's activity, which is confirmed by the ISO 14001:2015 certificate






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