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Vintage accessories - a return to the past

Vintage accessories - a return to the past


Arranging an apartment in a retro style does not mean simply transferring all the solutions used many years ago to the present day. In fact, the style we follow has remained from the old days. Thanks to the use of elements referring to the bygone era, well-designed retro-style interiors are extraordinary, individual and warm.




The vintage interior design will appeal to those who want to combine traditional interior decorations and modernity. Retro-style furniture should be eye-catching and be the main decoration of the room. A stylized element is usually enough to give the atmosphere of the old days. Furniture accessories will be such elements.


Both the design and the wide range of colours of the distressed covers will let you choose the right detail. On wooden fronts, accessories in the color of antique brass look great.




The vintage feeling can be built with the help old tin colored handle, it will discreetly add an age-old nobility to whitewashed fronts.




Fans of retro style, taking care of even the smallest detail, will surely pay attention to the Clio collection of handles.



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