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How to create a functional kitchen

According to the principles of interior design, the combination of functionality and design is the basic principle that we should follow when arranging the heart of our apartment, i.e. the kitchen.




Functional organization of kitchen cabinets.


The optimal organization of the kitchen determines whether it will be comfortable and its use will give us pleasure. The ideal solution is to resign from traditional shelves, especially in the lower cabinets, because it is difficult to remove items located deeper. Instead, it is worth using cargo systems that make all products perfectly displayed.




If someone appreciates comfortable and aesthetic solutions, we show how a narrow place and any other demanding space can be developed so that easy access to products facilitates the use of the kitchen.

The proposed Maxi cargoes allow you to conveniently and stably place the packaging next to each other and make a quick overview of the handy pantry at any time. Cabinets equipped with these systems are easy to adjust to the height of the packages thanks to the possibility of individual arrangement of shelves. Keeping order is also facilitated by partitions that can be arranged according to your preferences.




The corner in the kitchen is a cabinet with one of the largest capacities. Unfortunately, access to it is particularly difficult. The solution to this problem is the use of the Magic Comfort basket, which has been designed in such a way as to guarantee convenient and quick access to the entire space. Magic comfort has 4 shelves whose position can be adjusted depending on your needs.





As you can see, the cargo systems are supported by numerous amenities that guarantee a much higher comfort of use.

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